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Rushcombe Lake:   Craig Owen* from Bristol had a cracking day on here catching around 20 carp on the pole using red meat in the margins with red ground bait over the top.
Andy Stones had a great 6 hour session here.  He started off pole fishing tight to far bank with a size 16 hook to nylons of 5lb, main line 7lb.  He used a combination of pellet, cheese paste and corn on the hook all the time feeding a line in the middle of the swim with trapping mix. This resulted in roughly 60lb of fish. Andy then started fishing the middle line on the bottom instead  of half depth dropping cheese paste the size of a pea to catch instantly.  He used a combination of pellet or cheese paste on the hook and fed a small handful of trapping mix every time he caught. He ended up with an impressive weight of 167lb. The smallest fish was just a little over 2lb and the biggest 8lb 4oz. The majority of fish were between the 4 and 6lb mark.
Match Lake:  Andy Stones paid us another visit, this time with a friend, and targeted the silver fish in here. He fished tight to the island with a 7 metre pole, an 18 hook to 3lb hook link of about a foot to main line of 5lb. He used maggot on the hook 2 foot deep feeding micro pellet about 3 metres in front of him. His friend opted to fish a light quiver tip with maggot feeder, size 20 hook to 3lb hook link to 5lb main line. He fished corn on the hook to catch skimmer bream along with some of the larger bream. Andy was catching roach, rudd and skimmers.
They then both started using banded micro pellet with size 22 hook, 2lb hook link to 4lb mainline for loads more silvers.  Andy finished with 63lb 2oz, his friend had 68lb 9oz. The biggest roach was 1lb 8oz.  They also caught plenty of good carp and estimate that, if they’d had a second keepnet, they would have both had well over 150lb of fish.
Very simple fishing only 3 meters out using a smaller hook works well on this lake for silvers and carp. Smaller baits work well here: banded 3mm pellet, a single maggot or a smaller grain of corn and keep the feed going in in small amounts.
North Pool:  At the moment is suffering from a lot of weed growth making some areas quite tricky. However, if you are brave and fish close to the weed (which is very soft) there are some great bags coming out of this lake. Plain luncheon meat on a 16 hook with a 4lb line is the best tactic on the bottom. Small pieces of bread crust or dog biscuit on the surface with same size hook and line is catching lots of pasty sized carp and bigger. This will also work for the perch which go to 2.75lb.
South Pool:  Mike & Jack Sage* caught some beautiful fish from the South Pool with a float and luncheon meat or floating crust on the surface.  There are some great photos on our website gallery.
Carp Lake: This remains the toughest lake at the fishery. The best time to fish here is early morning or evening when dog biscuit and bread on the surface is the best tactic for the fish over 10lb. The smaller fish have been caught on halibut pellets and luncheon meat on the bottom. 


Finally: please send us your photos and catch reports – we’ll do our best to get them on our website gallery; Facebook page, Twitter feed and into our fishing report.


*Photo on our website gallery.

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  • Cottage great, fishing superb, great choice of lakes, good facilities, lovely surrounding area. Really look forward to returning again soon.

    Reuben Naish

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  • We had a lovely time in the Six House. Everyone was friendly and helpful, facilities were great. We would recommend the site to anglers and campsite users too.

    Nick & Libby

  • A massive hit with local anglers and holidaying visitors

    The Angling Times

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