Our 5 Beautiful Lakes

Our Carp Lake

Tactics & Baits


As a general rule maggots, sweet corn and bread punch work well in the winter.


A huge variety of baits work well in the summer:


• Bread crusts and dog biscuits as floating bait together with:
• Flavoured meat (tandoori)
• Pellet paste (cheese and curry)
• Banded pellets
• Liquidised bread
• Chopped worms
• Old faithfuls - maggots, sweet corn, bread punch
• Cat food
• Cockles
• Macaroni cheese
• Baked beans


Anything smelly from your fridge that will stay on your hook!


Feed the swim little and often.


Fish lighter than you think you need to for best results



The main rule is COMMON SENSE but please read on


  • Fish friendly keep nets only.  

    It is compulsory to use two keepnets when fishing in a match.  Large and small fish must be kept separately to avoid the smaller ones from becoming crushed.  We ask that pleasure fishermen either use two separate nets or decide only to keep small or large fish in a keepnet.     

  • No boilies, dried nuts or bloodworm

  • All other baits limited to a maximum of 1kg

  • Do not throw surplus bait into the lakes, bin it or take it home

  • Barbless hooks only

  • No braided line

  • De-hooking mats MUST be used for landing fish

  • 14's and under MUST be accompanied by an adult, unless a valid season ticket holder

  • Open dawn to dusk - no night fishing

  • No dogs

  • No alcohol

  • 'Take only pictures, leave only footprints' ... It is a criminal offence to leave litter (including cigarette ends), please use bins provided

  • No rod to be left unattended

  • No stalking of fish, you must fish from a peg

  • Please treat fish and anglers with respect

  • All visitors, their vehicles and possessions are permitted on the premises entirely at their own risk.

  • No moaning!

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