Fishing Report



November 2015



Rushcombe LakeJohn, Ray, Bob & Doug from Gloucester returned to our holiday cottages for a fishing trip recently.  Over the course of a few days they caught 866lb of fish between them.  The best three bags were 90lb, 78lb & 77lb.  Their best individual carp was 10lb.

Our advice is to fish this lake fairly light for best results but, Keith Firks, well-known Bristol angler bucked the trend using a 12 hook on a 5lb line tight to the far bank on peg 12 and landed over 100lb of lumps in the first 2.5 hours of his session.  He used paste on the hook and fed a few micro-pellets.

In our last report when mentioned a video we’d been sent by Jack Sheppard.  We’ve been lucky enough to receive another one from Jeremy Johnson featuring daughter Rebekka, both season ticket holders, taken on Rushcombe Lake.  You can view it via the news page of our website (click here); our Facebook page or Twitter feed.


Ben James aged 12 from Portishead brought his Dad, Simon, along for a fishing session and caught some nice lumps of around 10lb*.  Super photos are on our website gallery.


Darren Maudling and son, Peter*, also paid us a visit and had a great day’s fishing.  They were also kind enough to give us a 5-star review on our Facebook page which is very much appreciated.  Peter was Sky Sports Young Angler of the month in January!


100lb bags are consistently coming out from all 52 pegs of this lake.  A huge variety of hook baits are working but plain luncheon meat seems to be favourite at the moment. 



The South Pool is fishing really well.  On his first visit to Bullock Farm Ian Mathews from Bedfordshire caught a lovely 65lb mixed bag.  This is typical of how this lake is fishing.  Again a huge variety of hook baits are working but sweetcorn with no feed out in open water is the best tactic to catch the large bream in this lake.  


The Carp Lake remains the toughest of the five lakes to fish but, by far the best time to fish it is in the morning and evening when dog biscuit or bread crust on the surface is best.  During he rest of the day try luncheon meat on the bottom.  


The Match Lake & The North Pool are both fishing well.  The carp in these two lakes are being caught on plain luncheon meat using around a 16 hook and 4lb bottom line. A lot of anglers are suggesting that torn luncheon meat, rather than neatly cut, is working significantly better!




*Photo on our website gallery.


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