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So, flaming June lasted for about a week before the temperatures dropped and the rain started again.  On the bright side the forecasts for this month are looking better – we’ll believe them if you do!  Anyway, the lakes have been fishing well – read all about it…



The North Pool is still fishing really well.  The Stephens family returned for another great day. Tony caught 25 fish: carp to 4lb and lots of skimmers.  Similarly daughter, Kirsty*, caught 23 fish: two 3lb carp; one 3.5lb carp the rest skimmers. They caught using pellet and red maggot on feeder rods.


Young Jack came along with Dad, Paul Wilkins, and had a “brilliant day’s fishing”.  They sent us a great photo of Jack* with a nice carp – now on our website gallery; Facebook page and Twitter feed.



Peg 12 of the Carp Lake has produced a super 11lb 3oz common carp for Declan Coppock* who used double 8mm pellet on a bed of micro pellets. Declan fished an evening session which, along with early morning is proving to be the best time to catch. 


Surface fishing is also proving very successful at the moment.  Try dog biscuit or small pieces of bread free-lined on the surface close to the island or the margins. 



The Match Lake is producing lots of lovely mixed bags of 50-60lb made up of lovely roach to 2lb, crucians to 2.5lb, skimmers to 1.5lb and the odd tench (Jude’s favourite!).  It’s really easy to overfeed whilst fishing this lake – one fisherman who was catching well told me: ‘imagine that micro-pellets cost £1,000 a kilo and feed them that sparingly’! A huge variety of hook baits are working with single red maggot and casters being the best.  Luncheon meat, sweetcorn and pellets are also working well.  All areas of this lake are producing well.



The South Pool’s corner pegs are still the best areas to fish.  There are a good head of double-figured carp in here as well as bream to over 5lb.  Again, don’t over-feed.  Some people are getting good results on a 14 hook with paste on the hook for the carp and the bream are being consistently caught on sweetcorn out in open water. 



Rushcombe Lake on a cloudy day is in top form.  On sunny days you need to go really light- try an 18-20 hook with a 2lb line with any small bait but single red maggot has been, by some way, the best hookbait.  Most fish are being caught on the far margins, just a few inches from the bank. 



Finally, please do send us your photos and catch reports – we’ll do our best to get them on our website gallery; Facebook page, Twitter feed and into our fishing report.



*Photo on our website gallery.


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