Fishing Report


January 2017       




News: the new pumping system is working well and it means that the levels in all the lakes are back up to their normal level.



Match Lake: most of the leaves have fallen now meaning that the colour is now back in this lake.  All areas are producing but pegs 14-26 are the most consistent.  The best two hookbaits are bread punch and single red maggots presented on an 18 or 20 hook with a 1.5lb bottom line.  Feed a few maggots, liquidised bread or micro-pellets.  Lots of good roach are being caught at about 4 inches off the bottom.  The crucians are being caught off the bottom along with the fantails.



Rushcombe Lake: it’s good to see some goldfish and some nice roach coming out although this is a predominantly carp water.  Bread is far and away the best hookbait and micro-pellets the best feed.  It’s worth trying out in the deeper open water for the larger carp but the margins are producing as well.  Around an 18 hook and 1.5lb bottom line is the way to go.



South Pool: this is the best coloured lake due to the good head of bream in here which go to 5lb.  These are still coming out on a regular basis with sweetcorn on the hook.  You need very little feed but small quantities of liquidised sweetcorn have been very effective.  In addition to this, maggots, bread punch and casters are also working in here.  The corner pegs are the best spots.



North Pool:  along with the South Pool, this lake has retained its colour really well.  Pegs 1-5, the Hovis pegs and peg 25 are the most consistent areas.  In addition to the hook baits mentioned above, small pieces of spicy luncheon meat are working well in this lake to catch the good head of perch.  Lots of pasty-sized carp and roach are also showing well.



Carp Lake: this is fishing the hardest out of the five lakes but some areas are producing well.  It’s really worth having a walk around before you start to see where the activity is.  Very often pegs 9 & 10 can be fully of movement as this is where the water comes in from the North Pool.  If the wind is blowing strongly from the east, the area around pegs 1-5 is the best place to head for.  Even on the coldest days of the year, small pieces of bread presented on the surface work well in this lake – even if the temperature is just above freezing. 


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