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Spring has well and truly sprung: the weather is warmer – and so is the water; the swallows and swifts have arrived; paste is working and the first reports are coming in that the tench are being caught. 



The Match Lake: Bullocks regulars Roy Salmon & Jon Palmer, fished pegs 17 & 19 both on the pole using paste with a 14 hook.  They both had terrific bags.  Roy kept his carp and silver fish in separate keepnets and had 17 ‘lumps’ up to 10lb in weight and 30lb of mixed silver fish to complement his excellent bags.  He caught the majority of his fish a metre away from the island feature.  Jon has similar results using the same tactics. 


If you’re not going to use paste, other anglers have been successful using an 18 hook on a 3lb bottom line with pellet, maggots, casters and bread to tempt the huge head of crucians in this lake.  Lots of roach and skimmers are also coming out.  All areas of this lake are producing good bags.



The South Pool: Season ticket holders Terry & Lin Lear have had a succession of excellent days on this lake catching the large bream up to 5.5lb.  These have been interspersed with some lovely mixed bags of skimmers, carp and the first tench of the season that we’ve been told about.  Terry & Lin have been using luncheon meat, sweetcorn and bread on the hook. 



The Carp Lake is producing some really nice doubles.  This lake is an excellent colour and is now showing much better form.  Far and away the best tactics on here are to have a good walk around before you start, locate the areas where the fish are moving and topping and then use floating dog biscuit or bread with a 16 hook and 4lb line free-lined on the surface.  About 6 inches away from a feature is ideal.  Morning and evening are the best times.



Rushcombe Lake is our most popular lake in the nice weather.  It’s well worth a slightly longer walk across the bridge to the island which holds 21 pegs – this always seems quieter and fishes better on busy days.  This lake is producing good bags all over but, particularly in sunny weather, feed very little and keep your tackle nice and light: a 16-18 hook on a 3lb line with virtually any small bait is the way to go.  Tony* & Julie Stephens have been enjoying success with pellet and slow sinking nuggets for super carp around 6.5lb – Julie* had a personal best of 6lb.



The North Pool is the best lake for perch.  The lily pad has just broken the surface on peg 1 and it’s here, at its margins, where the perch are being caught.  There are lots of pasty sized carp in this lake but they do run to 16lb and, using the same tactics as mentioned for the Carp Lake above, people are having a huge amount of success here too.  All areas are producing good bags but the area at the end of the island, fishable from the ‘Hovis’ pegs or 24 & 25 are best for surface fishing for the carp.



Finally, Phil would like to congratulate Bristol Rovers on their promotion – but he can’t quite bring himself to do so!



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