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19th August 2014



The Match Lake continues to be in good form, although like our other lakes it has been harder going in the recent hot weather. Tony Hitchings had a great 162lb bag, including carp to 12lb. He fished from peg 22, bringing in all the carp on floating dog biscuit near the reeds.
Gareth Stacey had an 89lb bag from peg 23 in a 5 hour session, with skimmers and lots of crucians, fishing into open water at 6 meters with chopped worm over 2 mm pellet.
Andy Goulding had a successful afternoon session, bringing in a mixed bag of around 70lb consisting of common and mirror carp to 5lb with a healthy bag of skimmers and bream up to around 3lb along with plenty of roach, rudd and perch. These were taken on the pole over two lines, one at 11 metres, fishing out to the rushes, and a margin line at 3 metres, switching between the two to rest one line when necessary. Baits were a combination of corn, caster and pellet with loose fed maggots and micro pellets introduced sparingly.

The South Pool has been in trickier form, with the fish doing their best to avoid the heat. The best bags have come from the margins and from areas of shaded water. Gareth Stacey had a good bag here too, bringing in 67lb from peg 1, including some stunning roach to 14oz on chopped worm. He described it as “the best stillwater roach fishing that I have had in years”. His friend Jason Kirk had 116lb from peg 5 in a 7-hour session, with carp to 10lb predominantly being caught in the left hand margin on 6 mm pellet  over 2 mm feed pellet.

The North Pool has also fished best from shaded areas and the margins, especially from the pegs around the back of the lake which see more shade through the afternoon. Smaller carp have been feeding fairly well, responding to loose feed dribbled in little and often. There have also been some excellent evening bags on floating bread crust.

Rushcombe Lake has been fishing extremely well recently. Tim Hadland, staying in our cottages, had an evening session with a 100lb+ bag in just under four hours, with most fish around the 5lb mark. He used paste into the margins. Others have had good bags with sweetcorn, and with a new bait on us, a dab of liquid sugar (of the sort used for icing cakes) squeezed onto corn or meat on the hook.   

The Carp Lake has been the hardest fishing lake in the recent hot weather. Very early morning (5-8am) and early evening have been the best times to get bites, and light gear with little feed seems to have the most success.
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