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25th June 2014



The Match Lake is in excellent form.  It’s currently fishing as well as we’ve ever known it!  For those of you who haven’t fished this lake before, it’s packed with crucians, fantailed crucians, bream, tench and carp.  At present you can expect pleasure bags of between 50-l00lb – this represents a lot of fish because a lot of your bag will be made up of crucians and skimmers.  All areas of this lake are producing.
Alan Jones had a great 40lb mixed bag of carp, bream and roach from peg 1 in a short session.  He mostly caught on spam using a size 14 hook fishing over hemp and ground bait. 
Regular Keith Firks and holidaymaker Gareth Stacey have both been catching a fish a chuck in bright sunny weather – this is typical of how well this lake is fishing.
A huge variety of hook baits have been really effective amongst them: small pieces of luncheon meat, casters, maggots, sweetcorn, pellets, paste and bread punch.  Try a 16-18 hook on a 3lb bottom line, feeding micro-pellets or ground bait sparingly.  The silver fish and crucians are predominantly being caught in open water, the tench and larger carp from the inside margins. 
The South Pool has also been in cracking form.  The corner pegs are the best pegs and you can expect pleasure bags of over 100lb featuring some lovely bream to 5lb.  Try this lake in the evening with bread or dog biscuit on the surface to catch some of the double-figured carp that feature in this lake. 

The North Pool - this might sound repetitive but this lake is also in great form!  The right-hand side of the peninsula, the ever reliable ‘Hovis’ pegs at the end of the peninsula and pegs 23-25 have been the ‘hot’ areas.  Small pieces of luncheon meat have been the best hook bait to tempt the many pasty-sized carp in this lake.  Floating bread to the island has also been working consistently well.  Try a 14-16 hook with a 4lb bottom line.

Rushcombe Lake – lots of pleasure bags of around 70-80lbs are coming out here.  Keep it light with a 16-18 hook with bread, luncheon meat and pellet being the best hook bait.  Micropellets are the best feed.  The most consistent areas are still either side of the bridge.   

In the Carp Lake the larger carp are still proving to be a challenge but they are mostly being caught on the surface with bread and dog biscuit in the evening. If you scale down a bit, a good head of pasty-sized carp are being caught regularly.  Remember, we don’t charge for extra rods so try putting out one rod lighter than you would normally fish this lake to target these fish.   
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