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24th August 2015



For some time now we’ve been saying that the Carp Lake is the hardest of our five lakes to fish.  This is still the case but, we’ve just received a super little video from the Sheppard family, showing a great session from peg 6.  There’s a link on our website, Facebook page and Twitter feed or type the following into your internet browser:


The largest fish are still mainly coming out early in the morning and in the evening but, as the aforementioned video shows, you can catch a nice stamp of fish throughout the day.  The best method is floating dog biscuit or bread crust for the larger fish.  All areas of this lake are producing.



Rushcombe Lake.  Lots of 100lb bags are coming from all areas of this lake.  Since the dredging last year and the re-stocking this year, this lake has been in super form.  The smaller fish are showing well but the record for this lake is an ounce short of 16lb! 


This lake is a great choice for novice fishermen, most of whom catch on their very first visit.  Tony & Julie Stephens are relatively novice fishermen and they’ve had success using ground bait with curry paste and sweet corn on the hook.  Most hookbaits are working - a size 16 hook and a 4lb line are about right.



The South Pool is also producing really well.  Steve Pitman had a 3hr session late afternoon but managed four carp, three ranging from 4-7lb and the pick of the bunch was a lovely 10lb 2oz common* which is a personal best for him.  All fish were caught on artificial floating bread taken off the surface.



The Match Lake contains a huge variety of species and so it’s really good that many of them are showing.  The tench, golden tench, crucians, fantailed crucians, roach, rudd, perch and carp are all regularly being caught.  Just about any hookbait appears to be working from the usual maggots and casters to paste, soft pellets, bread and sweetcorn.  It’s quite easy to overfeed on this lake so just use a small amount of groundbait here for the best results.  Every single peg is producing.



The North Pool continues to fish well in all areas.  The perch in this lake are showing particularly well and they seem to like luncheon meat.  If you fancy trying to catch this species, the hotspot is around the lily pad on peg 1.  The larger carp are being caught from the Hovis peg at the end of the peninsula.

Try the same tactics as for the Match Lake and you won’t go far wrong. 




*Photo on our website gallery.


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