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Rushcombe Lake: the old adage ‘show me a patient angler and I’ll show you one with no fish’ was proved by Roy Salmon fishing peg 12.  Roy tried a variety of hookbaits but when he switched to bread on the hook he had an excellent day.  He pole-fished 6 inches from the far margin, presenting the hook bait on the bottom on a 16 hook with a 4lb line to catch 17 ‘lumps’ up to 11.5lb, easily breaking his 100lb target.


In common with the other lakes, it really is worth switching around your hookbaits as a huge variety are working but it does vary from day to day depending on the weather conditions.  Bread, soft pellets, meat and the old faithful red maggots are working well on this lake which is producing in all areas.



Carp Lake: it’s really good to report that this lake is back in form.  As reported previously, floating baits such as bread crust and dog biscuit are working well early morning and evening but a variety of nice fish are coming out right through the day with varieties of spicy meat – mirrors and commons to 17lb.  The margins around the islands are the best areas.  Typical would be Darren Newth who had several nice fish from peg 6 on spicy red luncheon meat – photo of Darren with a 9lb common is on our Facebook page and website gallery. 



North Pool: Evidence that the ‘Hovis’ peg is still fishing well can be seen from a post on our Facebook page from regular Bossányi Szabolcs Bosi who had a nice selection of commons and crucians.  Apart from this hotspot, all areas of this lake are producing good bags.  In common with Rushcombe Lake a huge variety of hookbaits are working but try sweetcorn and paste too.



Unusually, the South Pool is fishing quite hard at the moment so not much to report from here.  You will still catch if you scale right down.



In contrast, the Match Lake is fishing really well.  To add to the list of hookbaits mentioned above, try casters presented about 4 inches off the bottom on an 18 hook.  There are some cracking roach in here to 2.75lb and, if you fish out in open water, you can get a bag of 30-40lb of them.  The crucians and fantailed crucians are also consistently being caught – again out in open water but on a single white or red maggot on the bottom, feeding a few pellets or micro-pellets.  The common and mirror carp are being caught on the inside margins - luncheon meat and paste are the best hookbaits here. 




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*Photo on our website gallery.


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