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Spring is finally making an appearance and we’ve had some lovely weather here recently.  Just to remind everyone that, although the rivers are shut for the closed season, we are open every single day of the year from dawn to dusk.


The Match Lake is the most prolific lake at the moment.  You still need to scale down to an 18 hook with 1.5lb bottom line but, if you do this, you’ll get lots of mixed bags of over 50lb made up of skimmers, roach, rudd and crucians, with the odd carp just to make it interesting.  The carp (up to 9.5lb) have mainly been coming out on pellets. The roach (to 2.5lb) are also being caught on an 18 hook, 1.5lb bottom but around 4 inches off the bottom.  The best areas are pegs 14 – 21 and the whole of the island.



Rushcombe Lake is probably the second most prolific.  This is an all-carp lake and all areas are producing.  Red maggot, bread and pellets are good hookbaits but plain luncheon meat is starting to work well now that the weather is warming up.  Feed a few micro-pellets on a 16-18 hook on the bottom for best results.



The Carp Lake is producing some lovely fish at the moment as proved by Jamie Tustin on a recent visit.  His best fish was a beautiful 12lb common* from peg 21.  Jamie used pellet on a 16 hook with a 4lb bottom line on a bitterly cold day.  Luncheon meat and bread are also working well on this lake.



The North Pool is a particularly good colour.  Apart from the silver fish and big head of carp in this lake, perch are biting well at the moment especially around pegs 1 and 2 and the ‘Hovis’ pegs at the end of the peninsula.  Again, keep it light with red maggots, bread, pellets and luncheon meat on the hook.  Micro-pellets are the best feed.



South Pool – this sheltered little lake contains the big bream at our fishery and it has been under-fished over the last couple of weeks.   Therefore, if history repeats itself, it’s ready for someone to bag up well!  Try the corner pegs and fish out into open water with sweetcorn and bread for the bream; same baits as the Match Lake for everything else.



Finally, we’d like to take this opportunity to wish you a Happy Easter and if you fancy some time away why not come camping or book a stay in our lovely holiday cottages. We look forward to seeing you.




*Photo on our website gallery.


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